F.A.K. Logistics is a leading nationwide 3PL that specializes in all modes of transportation.  Our clients can be as small as a 1 time shipment to as large as 300-500 shipments every month.

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Domestic Freight

This is the most common means of transportation for freight to and from Canada and of course within the continental United States. Services include but are not limited to:  Standard shipping, expedited freight delivery (TEAM), and direct service to all points in the US and Canada.  Whether you need to ship it in a Flatbed, Van, or Refrigerated trailer- we’ve got you covered. Our experienced logistics specialists work with you to simplify the shipping process.
freight transportation logistics fort wayne

Truckload (TL)/Dedicated

When you need a full 48’ or 53’ trailer for your shipment you will need to ship with our Truckload/Dedicated option. Whether it be shipped with Flatbed, Dry Van, or Refer- we’ll ensure your goods are shipped safely and on time.
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Less Than Truckload (LTL)

LTL is commonly used when shipping up to 12 standard skids (stackable) or 6 standard skids (non-stackable) and less than 10,000 pounds total to anywhere in the US or Canada. When shipping LTL you only pay for the space you need and not the whole 53′ trailer. Customer service is #1 at FAK and with that, we guarantee complete oversight of your shipment.
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When weather and temperature are not an issue, flatbed shipping is a fantastic option for large materials and heavy equipment. There are several flatbed options, such as Straight Flat, Step Deck, Low Boy, RGN and Conastoga. Our expertise with flatbed shipping will save you time and money!
freight transportation logistics fort wayne

Dry van

This is by far the most popular option of shipping your freight because it ensures your shipment is protected from rain, sleet and snow. Dry Van is used for the majority of skid and box shipping and when temperature is not an issue.
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Does your shipment need to stay at a controlled temperature? No worries, we have everything to fulfill all your refrigerated shipping needs. We ensure that your frozen and other temperature sensitive shipments are handled with care.
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Need to ship biohazard Materials? Let F.A.K. Logistics, Inc. assist in getting your hazardous material from “A” to “B” in the most efficient and safest way possible.