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FAK Logistics is an industry leading broker of “Freight of All Kinds”. We are based in Fort Wayne, IN and specialize in over the road (OTR) transportation. With over 20,000 carriers in our network, specialized freight certifications, and industry leading freight tracking tools, we are prepared to expertly manage any transport.

From one skid to multiple truckloads to a single, large freight item, we can ship it. We ship on flatbed, dry van, or refer (climate controlled) trailers per your specification. We have a dedicated team of some of the most efficient and effective brokers in the industry that bring you the best price and most importantly, reliable service. Every time.

Meet the Owner

In 2012, Alex started FAK Logistics, Inc. with the confidence that he could build a freight management operation that would stand out to customers and carriers alike. After a few years in operation, he has done that. With a growing team of highly experience brokers, a support team that creates customer value, and management tools that make a stand out difference – FAK Logistics, Inc. will continue to grow and provide reliability, on time delivery and 24/7 availability.

With more than a decade of business management and sales leadership experience in the automotive and freight transportation industries. His successful career in sales and finance in the automotive industry led to this natural transition to business management in the transportation industry. In 2010 Alex became a managing broker and VP of Operations for MAD Logistics, a 3rd party logistics agent of Echo Global where he learned every aspect of the freight transportation industry.

Our Services What we offer at FAK Logistics, Inc. 


Standard shipping, expedited freight delivery (TEAM), and direct service to all points in the US and Canada.


Expertly managing shipments that are tailored to each customer's unique needs.


We handle shipments of any size using industry leading tools. Our team of experienced logistics specialists provide around-the-clock customer service.


Providing options to transport steel, roofing materials, stone, bricks, and many more commodities safely.

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Around-the-clock customer service.

Customized logistics solutions.

The best pricing.

Expertly managed shipments

A full range of freight services

Greater supply chain visibility

Worry-free shipping.

Real-time Track & Trace.

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We’re ready to discuss the most efficient and reliable solutions, tailored to your specific needs.

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“We love when a customer reaches out to us with absolutely no knowledge of this industry and we are able to create a plan that is very specific to their needs.  One thing that I can promise, at F.A.K., our clients mean everything to us.  We understand that without you there is no us.”

Alex Haggard,
FAK Logistics, INC.

     FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

    Depending on what you’re shipping, we can usually have your freight picked up the same day it was requested with a minimum of 2 hours notice.

    We are licensed to ship anything to anywhere including hazmat material and to both domestic and international destinations.

    Rest assured we will handle the complete process of filing a claim on your behalf.  We work for you and therefore we will act as your liaison when handling this process.  We will file your claim, provide necessary paperwork to the carrier, and once complete, refund you for the damage.  We will do all of this without charging any addtional fees or deductibles.

    The first step is determining if your “item” would be considered a “small package” or “LTL” (Less Than Truckload).  Generally if your item is 60 lbs. or less, you may want to ship it as “small package”.  In that case we suggest using USPS, UPS, or FedEx.  If your item is heavier than 60 lbs. or too large in size to be shipped via one of the small package carriers, LTL is the route to take. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you determine what the most cost effective method of shipping will be for your specific item.

    Depending on what you’re shipping, we can usually have your freight picked up the same day it was requested with a minimum of 2 hours notice.

    Shipping charges depend on a number of factors including weight, size, and distance of travel.  Added services such as lift gate, inside delivery, appointment/time critical delivery, and residential pick up and/or drop off can also affect the  total cost.  We will always provide you with a quote so you will know the total cost of shipping in advance.

    GlossaryBelow is a glossary of terms commonly used in the transportation industry.

    The regulating body that oversees the transportation industry.

    A semi defines the paring of a tractor and trailer.

    This is your typical 53’ box semi-trailer.

    This is a “Dry Van” with a temperature controlled atmosphere.  This type of trailer is used when shipping anything that requires a consistent temperature. For example, frozen goods, live sod/turf, or chemicals that must be protected from temperature extremes.

    Although the most common size of a flatbed is 48’x 102” wide you can also find them as short as 40 feet and as long as 53 feet.  Flatbeds are generally used when shipping tall freight, over length or width freight or freight that requires loading from the side.  Here are a few examples of Flatbed trailers: Flatbed, Drop Deck, Double Drop Deck, Lowboy, Conestoga Flatbed, and RGN.

    Pretty much the same thing.  Skids/Pallets are usually 40×48 or 48×48 inches and are used to carry the freight that’s being shipped.  Skids/Pallets allow forklifts to move the freight from trailer to trailer as it makes it way to its destination.

    Shipments that require a full 48’ or 53’ trailer whether it’s flatbed, dry van, or refer.

    The NMFC is a standard that provides a comparison of commodities moving interstate.  It is similar in concept to the groupings or grading systems that serve many other industries. Commodities are grouped into one of 18 classes from a low of class 50 to a high of class 500.  The classifications are based on an evaluation of four transportation characteristics: density, stowability, handling and liability. Together, these characteristics establish a commodity’s “transportability.”

    is a document generated by the shipper detailing whats being shipped, and where to.  Bols also require signatures from all parties involved.

    This is when you have two drivers for one truckload.  Team drivers are used when freight needs expedited as it allows the truck to move 24/7.  Normally hours of service for a single driver carrying property are 11 consecutive hours driving and a mandatory 10 consecutive hours off duty.  With a team driver one drives with the other is resting keeping the truck constantly in route.

    This looks like your typical 53’ box semi-trailer except it is designed to carry perishable freight at specific temperatures.

    Shipment that does not require a full 48’ or 53’ trailer.  This also can be use when the shipment is going to a residence and may require a lift gate for pickup or delivery.

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    Fort Wayne, Indiana 46802